In 2018 I became the Head Designer of Monstrous Regiment Publishing. Since then I've published/design multiple titles including The Bi-ble vol.1 and The Bi-ble: New Testimonials vol.2.
Vol.1 was originally published in 2017. It was then reprinted and redesigned in 2019 alongside a vol.2 after a successful Kickstarted campaign.
Art direction, design & typesetting: Hannah Killoh
Branding: Hannah Killoh
Cover art: Hannah Killoh
Publisher: Monstrous Regiment Publishing
The Bi-ble, vol.1
Bisexuals inhabit a liminal space between cultures, often misunderstood or dismissed by the straight and gay communities alike. This selection of intersectional bi voices has come together to share their stories, helping bi voices be heard and identities seen. It’s time to stand up and spread the good word.
The Bi-ble: New Testimonials, vol.2
In this stand alone follow up to The Bi-ble Anthology of Personal Narratives and Essays about Bisexuality, writers from across the UK and abroad present a range of new essays on various aspects of the bisexual experience. Whether you are bisexual, questioning, or just curious, these human and deeply moving pieces will open you to new perspectives and help you appreciate a wide variety of experiences.
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